Midwest Territory

Midwest Region's Fastest Growing Manufacturer Rep Firm for the Swimming Pool Industry

Welcome to the heart of the MidWest Region! If you’re a manufacturer in the swimming pool industry seeking unparalleled representation, you’ve dived into the perfect place. Spanning Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, our commitment to your products remains unshaken. 

You Can’t Spell Integrity without GRIT

We remain steadfast in our belief that products should stand out, not just fit in. With us, your products aren’t in a lineup; they’re constantly in the spotlight. In line with our core value of intreGRITy, we proudly showcase each regions affiliations, solidifying mutual trust and aligned vision.

The diverse market of the MidWest calls for a carefully curated line of products. Each brand we champion is selected for its complementary nature, solidifying a united yet potent strategy to cater to the unique needs of our partners. Could you see your products shining here? 

Introducing Your MidWest Sales Leaders:

Loren Uscilowski*

Regional Sales Manager

Jennifer Eschbach*

Regional Sales manager

Ryan Walker*

Regional Sales Manager

"Big Johnny" Davis

Sales representative

Moreover, our formidable executive lineup, including Johnny & Laci Davis, Gina Harris, and Eric Wall, dedicates itself to the consistent nurturing, development, and onboarding of key accounts across all territories. Their commitment ensures not only your company’s continued growth but also creates relationships that transcend mere transactions but instead withstand the test of time.

No Rigid Territories for Team Members

We believe that relationships supersede territories. With a “One Team, One Dream” philosophy, we stand united as relationships outweigh territorial boundaries. Whether it’s the MidWest or other regions, our victories are collective, ensuring each account feels the full strength and dedication of our entire team.

Choose partnership with us, and together, we’ll redefine the standards of excellence in the MidWest!