Florida Territory

Florida's Fastest Growing Manufacturer Rep Firm for the Swimming Pool Industry

If you’re a manufacturer in the swimming pool industry and are on the hunt for top-notch representation in Florida, you’ve found your destination.

You Can’t Spell Integrity without GRIT

Here in the Sunshine State, we ensure that products aren’t just numbers but stars. With us, your products aren’t in a lineup; they’re constantly in the spotlight. We take pride in our transparency, openly showcasing our partnerships in each region to enhance collaboration and trust with our partners.

Florida’s dynamic market demands a well-curated selection of products. We ensure each brand we stand behind is chosen for its complementary attributes, offering a harmonized approach to cater to our partners effectively.Could you see your products thriving here? 

Companies we partner with

Introducing Your Florida Sales Leaders:

GIna Harris

VP of Business Development

Don Parker

Sales representative

hunter Pressley

territory manager

In addition, our robust executive team, featuring Gina Harris, Eric Wall, Johnny & Laci Davis, is wholly committed to the ongoing nurturing, development, and engagement of key accounts across all regions. Their dedication is not just about ensuring your company’s growth but also about fostering relationships that move beyond mere business transactions and stand the test of time.

No Rigid Territories for Team Members

We believe that relationships supersede territories. The “One Team, One Dream” philosophy is what drives us. In Florida or anywhere else, we ensure that every victory is a team win, and every account benefits from the collective strength and dedication of our entire team.

Join us, and together, let’s shape the future of the swimming pool industry in Florida!