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Know Your Party's Extension?

Introducing The Grit Game Team: Your Trusted Partners for Effective Outside Sales Solutions and Inside Business Innovation. At The Grit Game, we understand the challenges faced by manufacturing companies when expanding their market reach and achieving consistent sales growth. Each and every one of our team members dives into their unique roles with enthusiasm, ensuring our operations flow not only smoothly but thrive incredibly. That’s the energy difference you can expect when you partner with a team that is on fire for your brand. 

At The Grit Game, we are passionate about empowering potential and driving success. We invite you to dive in and get to know the people who are shaping the future and making ripples of success in the swimming pool industry. Welcome to The Grit Game, where we make big waves and create even bigger opportunities for your business. 


Johnny Davis

With over 16 years of diving deep into the swimming pool industry, Johnny carries a tide of knowledge that overflows into every aspect of our operations. As our Co-Founder & CEO, his strategic visions have rippled through the industry for years and now he doesn’t just spearhead our operations, he cannonballs into them, ensuring that we provide a current of outstanding service to our partners. Johnny will personally oversee key account management across the entire United States, making sure that everything is swimmingly well, with a particular focus on the Southeast region, where he’s been known to make quite a splash. No matter how choppy the waters, you can trust Johnny to keep your business up-to-date and in the swim of things.


Phone: (901) 605-0775


Our Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer, Laci is the lifeguard of our content strategy. She ensures that our brand voice is consistent across multiple channels, making sure our content flows smoothly and effectively, like a well-maintained circulation system. But she isn’t just making waves in the pool of content strategy, she’s also teaching others how to swim. Her suite of services includes training that transform our partners’ teams into synchronized swimmers. Her workshops are the goggles that allow our partners to see clearly even in the murkiest of waters, like social media and SEO strategy. Like a perfect pool party, Laci makes sure our content (and yours)  is always filled with a few pleasant surprises.


Phone: (407) 697-2520

CTO/netsuite developer

As our Chief Technology Officer and accomplished stack developer, Austin is our poolside tech guru, diving into our company’s technological future with a forward-thinking approach. Austin ensures that we’re always prepared to swim ahead of the industry curve. His experience as a NetSuite developer allows him to create custom solutions that fit our partners needs as perfectly as a custom-built pool. As a mentor, he cultivates high-performance teams for our partners, preparing them to swim strong in the deep waters of tech innovation in our industry. With his hand on the pulse of new trends, Austin ensures our tech stays as fresh as a newly REVIVED pool!


VP of business development
Gina Harris
With over three decades of industry experience, our VP of Business Development, Gina charting clear strategic courses that ensures our team is always swimming in sync with both our innovative vision and dedicated mission. As a steady anchor to our key accounts, Gina ensures our relationships remain fluid and well-maintained. Moreover, she's the seasoned coach for our teams, ensuring our team stays competitive while always racing towards our united goals. Harnessing the warmth of a spa, Gina creates an atmosphere that encourages growth, ensuring our team always feels rejuvenated and ready for challenges. As the pool ladder in our journey of growth, Gina ensures we have the skills to climb to the highest points possible.
Our Vice President of Sales is a seasoned professional who brings the tide of new business! With an impressive 17 years of experience in the pool industry and almost 30 years of overall outside sales expertise, Eric can assist builders at job sites and craft sales strategies with precision. Like a lifeguard keeping an eye on every swimmer, Eric fosters strong relationships with our partners, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty. Eric’s role includes the key account management nationwide. His blend of hands-on experience and exceptional sales acumen propels our business goals forward, allowing us to keep a stroke ahead in the competitive pool industry.
National Building Materials Manager
Manny Sanchez
Manny Sanchez, our National Building Materials Manager, is the cornerstone of our building material product lines. With 27 years of experience in the swimming pool industry, Manny’s role in training and supporting our sales teams ensures we are well-versed in the technicalities of pool & backyard construction materials. His approach to customer relationship management is as reliable as the materials he represents, building lasting bonds with customers, contractors, and manufacturers alike. Manny guarantees that the flow of our building materials to the market is smooth and efficient.
National Technical Sales Manager
William Brist
William Brist, our National Technical Sales Manager and Regional Sales Manager for TN, MS, and AK, is a true pool and spa guru- blending 15 official years in the pool and spa industry with a lifetime of hands-on experience. As the link between our manufacturers and sales team, he offers crystal-clear product-centric solutions for our team and customers. William excels in answering technical questions as a problem solver. With his deep understanding of the industry and hands-on approach, he’s like the smooth surface of a well-installed liner - making complex issues seem seamless.
Regional Sales Manager
Jen Hills
Jen Hills is our Northeast’s shining star, sparkling like clear water on a sunny day. Born into the industry and with over a decade of personal experience, she's more than just a player in the game– she’s a seasoned sales strategist with chlorine running through her veins. As our Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Jen's the go-to pro for not only carving out new territories in sales growth, but for nurturing relationships with her winning combination of skills, knowledge, and unstoppable energy. Jen positions us to not just swim, but to lead the race in the Northeast.
Regional Sales Manager
Craig Mosch
Craig Mosch dives into the Northeast region with a 23-year wave of experience in the pool industry. Our Regional Sales Manager brings a tidal force of knowledge from retail pool and spa sales to manufacturing sales to pool chemicals and equipment sales. His history of navigating through the diverse waters of automatic pool covers and commercial deck equipment makes him an invaluable asset. Craig is constantly infusing fresh strategies and ideas into our sales approach. The Northeast territory is set for a smooth sail, buoyed by Craig’s relentless drive for excellence.
Regional Sales Manager
Kevin Vail
Kevin Vail, as our Regional Sales Manager for Long Island, sails smoothly through the pool industry with a keen eye for detail and strategic vision. He understands the unique currents of the Long Island market, making him adept at navigating both high tides and calm waters. Kevin combines a practical approach with innovative strategies to ensure our sales initiatives in the region are as refreshing and inviting as a summer day by the pool. His expertise and dynamic approach make him an indispensable part of our team, anchoring our brand’s presence and growth in the Long Island area.
regional sales manager
Jennifer Eschbach
With over 17 years of experience, Jennifer’s knowledge runs as deep as an Olympic-sized pool. As our Regional Sales Manager, Jennifer is a powerhouse in driving sales growth that will ripple across our Midwest region! Her relationship-building skills will harmonize with our partners while fearlessly pursuing new opportunities. Jennifer aligns our sales goals with broader objectives, ensuring we're always swimming towards success. Always keeping her goggles clear for industry trends, she ensures our offerings stay as fresh!
Regional Sales Manager
Loren Uscilowski
Loren Uscilowski, our new Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest, brings a dynamic approach to product knowledge and sales is as fluid and adaptable as water, ensuring that customers receive tailored solutions. Loren’s expertise in fostering strong client relationships makes her an essential link in our chain, bridging gaps between contractors, retailers, end-users, and distributors with ease. Her ability to understand and meet diverse needs cements her role as a pivotal figure in driving our regional sales strategy and nurturing lasting partnerships in the Midwest
Regional Sales Manager
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker brings a deep pool of knowledge from his 18 years in the industry. Known for his ability to seamlessly solve problems for a diverse range of clients, from builders to retail store owners to distribution partners, Ryan has a proficiency in customer relationship management that is akin to the careful balancing of pool chemicals - precise, effective, and always aiming for the perfect result. Ryan’s depth of understanding of clients’ needs and his knack for providing just the right solutions solidify his position as a key player in driving our Midwest sales strategy..
Regional Sales Manager
Thomas Flake
Navigating the depths of the pool industry for over 24 years, Thomas brings seasoned expertise to our team. Dedicated to magnifying sales growth and refining our territory blueprint in the South Central region, he's adept at creating lasting bonds with clients and expanding our network of partnerships. With a reservoir of industry wisdom, Thomas aligns sales ambitions with broader company objectives. Under his guidance, we're poised to dive into the sunniest spots of opportunity.
Territory Manager
Hunter Pressley
Hunter Pressley, our Territory Manager for Florida, dives into the role with a legacy as rich as the waters of the Sunshine State, being a third-generation swimming pool industry professional. Navigating the diverse needs of builders, retail store owners, and service technicians, bringing solutions that are as clear and refreshing as a freshly REVIVED! Pool. Hunter’s talent for fostering strong relationships ensures satisfaction and clarity in every interaction.
Regional Sales Manager
Johnny Davis Sr. "Big Johnny"
Our Regional Sales Manager, Big Johnny,  has plunged into the pool business, his focus fully immersed in the Southeast region. He has a deep understanding of local market trends and industry currents which will be instrumental in propelling sales and forming solid, enduring partnerships. Big Johnny ensures our client relationships are as swimming steady while actively diving into new business opportunities. He ensures our sales efforts are consistently going above and beyond for our partners and the firm.
Regional Sales Manager
Don Parker, PMP, RMP
Regional Sales Manager, Don is ready to make a big splash in the industry. Don's versatile skills and determination are set to make waves in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. As a strong swimmer in team collaboration, Don keeps our team synchronized, while building strong bridges with our clients, ensuring satisfaction and fostering loyalty. With his keen ability to navigate changing market currents, Don ensures our offerings meet the evolving needs of our clients, serving as a pivotal buoy in our success across the region.
Operations Manager
Bradley Davis


Warehouse Operations Manager, Bradley doesn't just tread water – he powers through it! With his existing experience in the pool industry, he's ready to dive into process optimization, using his knowledge to effortlessly streamline our operations. Bradley will also manage our supply chain and vendor relationships, ensuring smooth, quality-controlled operations. On the financial side, Bradley's strategic planning and budgeting skills ensure we never find ourselves in the deep end. 
Senior Accountant
Michelle Elmer


Michelle effortlessly swims through the depths of financial management. From diving into budgeting and forecasting to maintaining a well-balanced ledger, Michelle navigates the financial waters with grace. Her dedication to internal controls ensures our financial ecosystem remains free from turbulence and ripples. With her keen financial analysis skills and impeccable attention to details Michelle makes sure our financial reporting stays crystal clear.
Software Engineer
Nimesh Patel


Software Engineer and Developer, Nimesh is our tech-version of a pool architect, designing, developing, and maintaining software solutions that meet our business and partner's needs. Like pool jets circulating water for a seamless swim, Nimesh integrates software systems for smooth data flow across departments. Nimesh's technical documentation is as clear and inviting as a well-lit pool at night. Much like how pool innovations enhance swimming experiences, his research and innovations help us stay ahead of industry trends.
Sales and marketing assistant
Brittany Belle


Our Sales & Marketing Assistant, Brittany, is our star swimmer when it comes to supporting our team. Her data analysis skills propel our business growth and allows us to continue to improve. Just as a pool liner protects and enhances, Brittany identifies new opportunities for sales and marketing reach that align with our values, strengthening our overall brand image. Cross-training in website design and social media strategy, Brittany also supports our online presence across multiple platforms.