Northeast Territory

NorthEast Region's Fastest Growing Manufacturer Rep Firm for the Swimming Pool Industry

Welcome to the vibrant heart of the NorthEast Region! If you’re a manufacturer in the swimming pool industry and are scouting for the best representation, you’ve dived into the right place. Catering to the expansive regions of  Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and  Pennsylvania.

You Can’t Spell Integrity without GRIT

Our commitment is to give products the focus they absolutely need to excel. With us, your products aren’t in a lineup; they’re constantly in the spotlight.  Beyond this, we proudly display our all affiliations for each region, fostering seamless collaboration with integrity.

The NorthEast, with its varied demands, calls for an impeccable choice of products. We’re picky, and for a good reason. Each brand we advocate for is pinpointed for its complementary essence, presenting a holistic strategy tailored with our partners in mind. Could you see your products flourishing here? 

Your NorthEast Sales Force:

Jen Hills

Regional Sales manager

Craig Mosch

Regional Sales Manager

Kevin Vail*

Regional Sales Manager

*Long Island only.

Our powerhouse executive team – Gina Harris, Eric Wall, Johnny & Laci Davis – remain deeply involved in the consistent nurturing, development, and pursuit of key accounts across the Northeast. Their unwavering dedication is twofold: ensuring the upward trajectory of your brand, while simultaneously building relationships that transcend simple transactions but instead stand the test of time.

No Rigid Territories for Team Members

We believe that relationships supersede territories. We hold the philosophy of “One Team, One Dream” close to our core. Be it in the NorthEast or any corner we touch, every success is a collective triumph. Each account reaps the benefits of the shared strength and dedication that our team brings to the table.

Link arms with us, and let’s move some needles in the NorthEast!