9 Benefits of Table Tops for Pool & Spa Professionals


Are you a distributor or retailer in the swimming pool and spa industry looking to enhance customer engagement and boost sales? This blog will explore the incredible advantages of incorporating table tops into your sales strategy and how to elevate your business with this powerful customer-centric tool.

What is a Table Top?

Imagine having a dynamic, knowledgeable expert right in your location, ready to fully engage with customers and boost your sales. And best of all, you don’t have to have them on the payroll. That’s what “table tops” offers! Your rep sets up an inviting display to educate customers on many different products, turning every interaction into a sales opportunity.

9 Benefits Table Tops Bring for Your Pool & Spa Business

Supercharge Your Sales

Good reps are masters at showcasing product features and benefits, turning curious shoppers into happy customers and driving your sales through the roof. With their expertise, they can highlight the unique selling points of the products you carry, making your products irresistible to buyers.

Instant Answers

Say goodbye to unanswered customer questions. Reps are there to provide immediate, expert answers, making your customers feel confident and satisfied with their purchases. This instant interaction helps build trust and reduces the chances of lost sales due to uncertainty.

Staff Empowerment

While reps are educating customers, they’re also training your front counter staff, equipping them with the knowledge to continue the momentum long after the tabletop event has ended. Your team will be more confident and knowledgeable, leading to improved overall customer service.

Live Product Demos Available

There’s nothing like seeing a product in action. Ask your rep what live demonstrations are available since these captivate customers and highlight the real-world benefits of the products you offer. These demos can significantly increase the perceived value of your products, making them more attractive to potential buyers.

Building Customer Loyalty

Friendly, knowledgeable interactions build trust and loyalty. Reps create a memorable experience that keeps customers coming back for more. They form a personal connection with customers, which is crucial for long-term business success.

Launch New Products with a Bang

Use table tops to create buzz around new products. Your reps’ excitement and knowledge turn launches into events that your customers won’t want to miss. This can help you gain a competitive edge and quickly build a loyal customer base for your new offerings.

Move Stagnant Inventory

Table tops can also help move products that have been sitting on your shelves. By drawing attention to these items and demonstrating their value, reps can help turn over inventory that might otherwise remain unsold.

Increase Impulse Purchases and Future Sales

Reps are skilled at identifying additional products that customers may not have considered. Often, a customer will come in for something specific but leave the table top with more than they planned to purchase, thanks to your reps’ engaging interaction. Additionally, while not every customer will make an additional purchase on tabletop days, they’ll leave with new knowledge and resources, setting the stage for future purchases they might not have considered before.

Real-Time Feedback

Get valuable insights straight from your customers. Reps gather feedback that can help you fine-tune your offerings and enhance your customer service. This real-time data is invaluable for making quick adjustments to meet market demands.

Why Choose The Grit Game?

At The Grit Game, we take pride in our ability to host table tops nationwide in both the USA and Canada. As a leading pool and spa manufacturer representative firm, our experienced reps are ready to bring their energy and expertise to your locations, ensuring that your products receive the attention they deserve.

As a premier pool and spa manufacturer rep, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the swimming pool and spa industry. Our team specializes in driving sales and customer engagement through effective, interactive table tops that highlight the best features of your products. 

Let The Grit Game help you supercharge your sales and create lasting customer loyalty with our nationwide table top services. Contact us now to schedule your next table top and see the amazing impact in sales for yourself!

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